From Porto to London to Texas

In 2012, we moved from Porto to London and, no doubt, it was a good decision. In Portugal, good jobs have been missing for a while so we couldn’t say no when we got an offer from London. By taking it, we had one of the best experiences of our lives. But London isn’t for everybody, and definitely isn’t for us. We are Portuguese, we’re used to vitamin D, beach and days that feel longer than 24h. Some people will never leave London, but we were ready.

We were offered the possibility of moving from London to Texas, as my husband’s head office is here. It wasn’t an easy decision, particularly when you’re bombarded daily with “someone shot dead in the US” or “A killed Y in Texas”. The US is really big. And Texas is freakishly HUGE. The 2nd biggest state, in fact. So when someone gets killed in Texas, it’s the nearly the same as stating “A killed Y in half-Europe”. Eventually, I decided we should go for it. We have to take risks while we’re young, plus it’s not everyday you have your company not only taking care of it but also financing it. The process was long and grueling, (thanks Trump!), and the lack of uncertainty was, at times, painful. From the moment we said “let’s do it”, we just wanted to get there tomorrow and sure enough, set back after set back kept pushing us further away. Aren’t we all like that? First we’re not sure if we want to go, and then we want it N-O-W! But finally we got here and so far it has been definitely worth the wait.

If you guys are in a similar situation, don’t fear the unknown. I researched the subject ’til I was exhausted. I needed to reassure myself this was the right move, especially because the husband works under motto – and pardon my french – “fuck it, let’s do it”, so I needed to understand what’s at stake and how the quality of life I was having was going to improve.

Americanish is a platform where I’m going to share my adventures, which you can follow, but also my recipes, as one of my hobbies is cooking… and eating. Eating lots!

Can’t wait to see y’all in here, on Americanish!

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