5 things I’ll miss from London

Ok, maybe saying that I’m going to miss something in London is waaaaaaay too much of an overstatement. In reality, there’s nothing there to be missed. The weather is.. crap, at best, everywhere you go is so packed that you’re not sure if people actually live there or they’re just having an huge flash-orgy. Regardless if you’re an immigrant or a national, the only thing you’re looking forward to other than the next beer, is your next holiday somewhere far. That’s something everyone’s always going to have in common. But that I’ll save for a new post because in this one I’m just going to share with you guys things that bring me good memories from London.

  • Indian Food – and bangladeshi! According to The Washington Post, there’s only 5000 indian restaurants in the whole of the United States of America! In England it was a challenge not to spot one of them. If before moving to London I was very picky when it comes to food and never had I heard of what a naan is, only god knows how many people would I slap for a saag paneer right now.
  • Q Verde – The best italian restaurant I’ve ever been to. Not only is the pasta made from scratch, but the amount of care that goes into how the staff handles everything makes this one of the hidden gems in Kew. The owner, a middle-aged man who treats his guests to a good chat and a few good drinks, elevates the experience to a new level. You should visit. PS: Yep.. I mentioned a few good drinks. He will sit with you to get to know some more about you and how you enjoyed the experience over a few shots of Limoncello, on the house. Fantastic customer care.
  • Franco Mancasourdough pizza served with an italian accent! You just need less than £10 if you want to eat one of the best pizzas made in an Neapolitan artisanal oven with ingredients from local producers.
  • Waitrose & M&S– if there’s something I go nuts for, is bread. Bread everything, you name it. At these two grocery stores, you find the best bread (outside some bakeries) and it doesn’t surprise me at all because they’re known for their quality (and it comes with a price tag!). You should definitely try some of their products.
  • Public Transports – I know, I know. The train has been canceled because of a snowflake, the bus is late or not coming and the underground has stopped in the middle of the line when you’re already late and there’s no network down there (and they say it’s also the most haunted place in the United Kingdom..). But should we really complain? It’s a pretty redundant service: If the 200 is not coming, the 300 will go to the same place. And if you want, you can check their website for live updates for the next available train/bus/underground.


You guys that live or have lived in England, what would you miss? And, please, people who live in Texas, where can I find places that will make me feel ashamed of ‘missing’ these ones?

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