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Image from Hopdoddy’s Facebook (sorry, mine’s were too dark!)

No, I don’t care about the Kardashian’s latest gossip or Rihanna’s new song. But tell me about those refined or not places where orgasms are part of the menu and I’m in! Hopdoddy has been in that category since we’ve heard they serve the best burgers in this area of Texas (San Antonio/Austin). Obviously, it didn’t take us long to go there and try them. The famous burger of the moment is “The Impossible” and, as this is a special, its very popular when it shows up on the menu. You’ll understand why: 100% vegan and the legend says it tastes of actual meat. JUICE AND ALL. Give me what you got, science!

We also ordered the Primetime, just in case The Impossible was crap. The husband, who loves anything that is meat took the first bite. I waited to see his reaction. No food coming out of his mouth, I go in and take a bite. Isn’t it the best vegan burger ever? Definitely not better than the meaty one but it’s impressive how can it be so deceiving not only in consistency but also the usual char you get when you grill beef. If, for some reason, something happened on the Planet and I had to stop eating meat, I’d wouldn’t mind to binge on 2 or 3 of these every so often.

On a small note, is it better for our health to eat The Impossible burger or just a normal burger considering how processed the vegan one is. Unprocessed meats should be the best for a healthy diet (unless, of course, you’re a vegetarian or vegan).

Hopdoddy is an awesome place to share and enjoy some burgers and drinks out in the open – you can’t go wrong with quality meats, amazingly fresh baked daily buns, and a great atmosphere!

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