Metallica – Alamodome

Metallica. I’ve always wanted to see these guys but never had a chance. Even though we’re not in 1983 when Metallica was in their best shape, they’ve always been a priority on my bucketlist.

We have just arrived in the lands of America and the husband tells me he bought tickets for the Metallica’s venue. OMG! I’m going to see Metallica. I didn’t even knew they were on tour, and then not only they’re on tour, but they’re in San Antonio.

So, after one week in the country, we were on our way to the Alamodome to see these guys who, even in 2017, produce good music. I’m pretty sure you know how it feels when you’re about to do something you’ve been waiting patiently for a very long time.

Avenged Sevenfold played just before Metallica. I’ve used to listen to their music like 10 years ago but they never really meant that much to me. Either way, it was really worth seeing Synyster Gates playing like the guitar hero that he is.

After 25min of A7X, I just wanted to see Metallica enter the stage. I couldn’t wait to see them and, thank God, I had to wait no more. The giants of the heavy metal were ready to rock, and so was I!

They started with a song from the new album Hardwired.. to self-destruct, Hardwired, and kept going with songs from previous albums (Enter Sandman, Fight Fire with Fire, Seek & Destroy, etc) and we were there just headbanging and singing-a-long while being presented with sound effects and fire coming from the stage while Metallica showed us how it’s done.

It was the best show they’ve ever done, said the husband who’s been in so many Metallica concerts. I couldn’t compare as I haven’t been to one before, but fuck me, that was an amazing gig.

Bands like Metallica bring people together: parents and their kids both enjoying the show. In a way, Metallica has been part of many generations. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, you most certainly can sing a few lines of some popular songs (Nothing Else Matters, anyone?) and that’s what makes Metallica one of the biggest names in heavy metal.

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