Halo Top – The Hype is Real!

Image from Halo Top Facebook’s page

The United States are known as this unhealthy place where everything is full of sugar and corn syrup – one of the easiest ingredients to find on the grocery store, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find really good foods also. So we were shopping when the husband shows me Halo Top: a high protein, low calorie and low sugar ice cream with ONLY 240-360 calories and 20gr of carbohydrates per pint of this ice cream made in heaven. You don’t need to scoop it anymore, you just take the whole tub and eat it like there’s no tomorrow. It’s available in so many flavours that I still need to try some of them.

The first one we tried was the peanut butter cup, OMG so good! After that one it’s been so many that we lost count. Our freezer suddenly became covered with Halo Top. How can you not? You go to the grocery store to buy one (or two) and you always get a voucher for one free when you buy one. You can’t do this to us!

The price is around $5 each but, like I said, most likely you’ll get a voucher. You should look for promotions or use these vouchers as its always good to have stock of Halo Top in case you’re feeling ‘hungry’ for dessert and you don’t want to eat 1000 calories. If you’re brave enough, go to Costco and buy their pack of 4 for only $10! If you’re wondering if we already done it.. fuck yeah, we have. You can’t have enough Halo Top.  The only let down: they only stock one flavor.

It’s not available in Europe right now but do yourself a favor and go to the grocery store as soon as this is available and thank me later. The only problem you’ll have is going to be choose which one.. or maybe not and you’ll buy for the whole family (more like you and the hubby). That’s ok, I’ve been there!

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