First time I shot a gun

It’s inevitable. For us, Europeans, guns are only seen in movies and thinking about it in real life is quite scary. As I said on this post, guns were one of the reason why moving to Texas wasn’t a straightforward decision. Walking on the street and suddenly being on a movie scene situation wasn’t something very appealing. But that’s it: a movie. In reality, the first time I saw a gun was in one of the shops. It’s nothing like the media propaganda. No one walks on the streets showing off their guns, and entering public spaces carrying guns is mostly prohibited.

I can keep saying this is nothing like in the news but you would only understand if you’d move here. It’s true that, because guns are legal, you can come across one of those kids who goes to school and kills a handful. But it’s also true that they’re illegal in Portugal and still people get killed by guns. Or in England, where stabbing is as popular as Ed Sheeran. It’s not because I’m in a place where guns are legal that I’m going to get murdered.

Just to make myself clear, It’s not my job to criticise laws but only to adapt to the place where I’ve chosen to live in.

That being said, one of the favorite past times in Texas is shooting guns. The hubby had already shot a gun when he was here but for me this was my first time. Obviously, we don’t have guns. In some shooting ranges you can rent but the person we went with, a Texan, had various and I even had the chance to choose which one I wanted to use. As I don’t understand anything about guns, we just picked the biggest rifle.

As soon as we parked, the sound was as loud as scary and it didn’t get any better walking towards the shooting range. This was the first time I heard live gun fire and my heart was racing. I jumped everytime people shot.

After a quick lesson about how to use and shoot the gun I positioned myself and aimed for the target. The responsibility kicks in and heart starts racing again. I closed my eyes as I pressed the trigger and I was still a bit shaky when I got up from the chair.

The truth is, it gets easier and my first shot was the best. They say it’s the adrenalin.

By looking to the target you could see how good your aim is and that’s kinda  cool. We were 45 yards from it as the rifle was mid range and therefore bullets bigger than the normal handguns.

And this is how some Texans enjoy spending their free time. It’s almost like a sport: you take your weapon and you practice. I prefer going to the movies but at least I had the opportunity to do one of the thing that most people will never do and I can say it was worth it.

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