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When we decided to move to Texas, I’d be under an L2 visa – spouse of an L1. When you are an L2, you need to fill up some paperwork and send it to the Center of Immigration Services (USCIS) in order to be able to work in the USA. Not only that, when you’re applying for an EAD – Employment Authorization Document, you need to send a cheque of $410 . Yes, you’re asking for authorization to work and you have to pay for that.

As I am a very organised person, I read a lot of forums and blogs of people who have been in this situation so I could put together everything I’d need.

Since our visas took longer than expected, we had to spend a few months in Portugal before we could start this new adventure so I decided that was a good opportunity to start organising some paperwork. I’ve read so many different people and all of them had sent different documents. As I prefer the safer than sorry approach, I took all I’ll ever need just in case something would be missing and I’d be an entire ocean apart from Portugal.

I sent all my paperwork 15 days after our arrival. On the next day I got an email saying my documents were received and my case was being processed. This process takes in average 90 days. Yes, that long! But I knew it and the only thing I could do was be patient and wait. I checked my status online every single day hoping for the best because being at home, even when you have sun and a poll, gets boring and you just want to go to work. Anyone?

So, today I go check my status and I got this message on the screen that my card is being produced. This means my case was approved and I can start looking up for jobs. OMG! I’m so happy! I’m the biggest fan of sleeping in and I can’t wait for my routine of waking up and going to work.

My process took 83 days and luckily I didn’t have to send any further documentation as this makes your process start again!  Not only that, I wasn’t required to have a Biometric Service Appointment.

Here you can read all you need for your EAD.

Now, I’m just going to start my job search and send some resumes!

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