So… I’m allergic to cats, but…

Growing up as a child, I was always surrounded by animals. Cats, dogs.

A few years before we moved to London, we decided to adopt a cat and we named him Patrão (means The Boss). So, Patrão had a little problem on his balls – don’t worry, nothing serious – they just didn’t grow. We went to the vet for a normal routine appointment and he says the cat is a girl! Well, in portuguese “The Boss” is different for male or female so we had to change the name but luckily the word is very similar, Patroa. Cat people, don’t tell me it’s very easy to distinguish between males or females, it was our first one and I was guaranteed he was a boy.

Later, in the UK, since we couldn’t take Patroa (although not easy to leave your pet, she was left with good people) we decided to adopt a new cat. We really wanted a maine coone so the hubby drove 180 miles to go Nottingham. Vet appointment scheduled, we go there and she’s like “surprise surprise, it’s a girl!” Oh, not again! We named her Arya – Game of Thrones fans you’ll understand. Afterall, she came from the North.

One day, I started developing allergies to Arya. Red eyes, always sneezing, runny nose and worse, my throat became so blocked I could barely breathe. Have you ever tried to breathe and you had such a hard time with mucus and congestion that I could hear a small wheezing sound? Madness!

Here I go, turning my hopes to Zyrtec, which did nothing at all.

I couldn’t prolong this situation any longer so luckily one of our friends that we knew wanted a maine coon so they were very happy to have her. Once again, we were left with no cat. You guys, if you have pets, probably know how hard is to part ways with your pet.

Since this was something that only happened in the UK, we wanted to see how I’d react with a cat here, in Texas. Don’t worry, we didn’t just go and brought a cat, no. We went to the San Antonio Humane Society and we asked one of the girls to spend some time with one of the cats. We’ve been there almost 2h and after 15min I sneezed. After that I kept on sneezing. We came home assured that we would never own a cat. I spent the following hours (and the next day) congested and with all the allergies flaring up and rendering me useless.

A month or so ago, the hubby shows me some websites about siberian cats and he tells me that some people don’t get all the typical allergies since this breed produces less of the fel d1 protein in their saliva, which is what normally makes people allergic.

So we went to this little village in south Texas, Lytle to see the, hopefully, non allergic cats (and his sisters, mum and 1000 more cats) and spend some time with them to see if this is going to be the salvation. Regarding the environment, that looked like a cat zoo, where in normal circumstances I’d be dying, I can say I did very well. Just to be sure, we stayed there for many hours – the lady was super nice – and in the end, great success – we could take him with us.

Since then, I’ve been perfectly fine without allergies, only the normal sneeze here and there.

For you guys, if you’re allergic or know someone who is, the siberian breed can be a perfect solution for you.

He’s so pretty, isn’t he?

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