Drivers License in Texas

New Texas residents must apply for a Texas drivers license unless they are from Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan or any U.S state or territory. Even for people coming from these places, if they do not surrender their driver’s license, they’ll have to take all the required tests. The rest of the new Texas residents should be allowed to drive for 90 days before applying for a Texas drivers license.

You’re already understanding my pain, right? Studying for a drivers license is something you wouldn’t expect be doing at this age. At least, here in Texas, you drive on the right side of the road, not on the left like in England. Doing roundabouts from the left or looking at the opposite side when you’re crossing the road is kinda messy until you get used to it.

Applying for a new drivers license is not funny when you already know how to drive, but at least there’s a few musts:

  • only costs $25
  • no need for schools, you study at home and you can download the manual
  • there’s 30 questions and you can fail 9

Seems pretty easy, right? There’s always the basic questions that common sense covers, but there’s also those ones that no one (European) knows, like questions with miles, inches or feet. These metrics… omg please. But once done, you only need to pass the driving test. And do you know where you do it? In your car! Yeah, right! Plus, if you do not pass, you’ll only have to pay $25 to re-do it.

It should be like this in all places, don’t you agree? Not only because it’s easier but also because of the price. Some families can’t pay the ridiculous sums normally associated with drivers license plus retakes.

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