Texas Weather

This is the season for the typical blog posts with outfit suggestions and people asking the heavens for colder days so they can wear their new stuff. Bad luck, you’re all shit out of luck!

I understand why people want colder days, it feels good to wear warmer clothes or stay indoors binging on Netflix while munching on absurd amounts of food watching your favourite TV show as nature demands you to stay indoors. But do I miss that? Hell no! And I do have a pretty valid reason why: I lived in London for 5 years where days are mostly grey and the temperatures are perfect for wearing your entire wardrobe and look like you’ve gained 10lbs.

So, weather in Texas is just perfect. The only thing that is mildly annoying is how quickly one gets used to 100F and then any small temperature drop feels like it’s 50F when, in reality, it’s hotter than a normal summer day in London – Summer in London? There’s no summer in there, no.

I’ve already asked people around here if it’ll ever get cold – the kind of cold where you need a few layers of clothes – and the answer I get is that it only gets cold for a few days.

In the meantime, I keep wearing summer tops and sandals while I’m able to keep the best tan I’ve ever had. It’s so much nicer than being Snow White.

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