Apple Pie

It’s pie season and any colder day is the perfect excuse to go to the kitchen and bake something while enjoying the smell coming out of the oven, propagating everywhere in the house.

It wasn’t on a day like this that I baked this pie, with my sweet tooth any day can be the perfect day for apple pie (unless I’m on my diet) but after we became such huge fans one of the best apple pie ever, from HEB, and with pastry dough to be used – we never have this on our fridge – I decided to make my own version and that’s how this recipe was born. Didn’t seek any site for inspiration, only the ingredients and the quantities I thought would be the right ones while leveraging the best tool in the kitchen: the palate.

Apple Pie:


  • 1 puff pastry dough (I used round shaped)
  • 5 big apples (up to you which ones)
  • lemon juice
  • brown sugar
  • butter
  • cinamon
  • 2 TBsp whole wheat flour


  • Place the puff pastry dough on a bottom removable pan.
  • Cut the apples into thin slices, pour the lemon juice and reserve.
  • Heat the butter on a non stick pan, add the apples.
  • Add the brown sugar (use your preference for quantities).
  • Slowly cook, on low, the apples until they’re soft and a sauce has formed.
  • Add cinnamon (use your preference for quantities).
  • Place the apples on the puff pastry dough.


  • Mix whole wheat flour, butter and sugar until you get sort of crumble.
  • Place this on top of the pie.
  • Bake at 350F until done, around 30min, it depends.

I didn’t measure the quantities for sugar or butter. The first one is up to your preference and your apples might be  sweeter. The butter, you just need enough so that the apples don’t run out of “sauce”. In this recipe you’re free to use your prefered quantities, so enjoy it!

If I wasn’t so proud of my healthy lifestyle, I’d eat a big fat slice righ now!

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