Visiting Houston – Day 1

The hubby always wanted to visit the NASA Space Centre so we decided to use some days off to go to Houston and, since we would be there for the first time, get to know downtown and visit some places recommended by the website Thrillist.

From San Antonio to Houston it’s around 3h driving so we took off in the morning towards our first stop: JP Morgan Tower. I’m very scared of heights but I was getting ready for all those 60 floors and get to enjoy the view of the city from the sky observatory. On a quick note, let me tell you that when I has brave enough to get to the top of Eiffel Tower, the elevator, an all glass elevator, stopped in the middle of the tower and we were there for minutes enjoying – not me – the views of the city. How many times do the elevators go up and down and how many times did they stop? I don’t know, but I can guarantee you that, if you’re not comfortable with heights, it is not something you want to experience. But back to Houston, so we arrived and I’m ready for those 130m and we just learnt that the observatory is now closed to the public. Apparently, they decided to close it because some people had damaged the place. Well, isn’t that great? That’s what happens when you give people free stuff, if they had to pay to go inside, it would certainly still be open.

Anyway, we were a bit disappointed so we decided to go eat the pain away. There is a lot of options in downtown but we went for thai food and we couldn’t be more happy that we did it. Wokker was a food truck and it’s now inside a beautiful building where you can order the food from a sort of window but there’s also a bar where you can get craft beers and enjoy your food while looking out to the big buildings in downtown.

We ordered, for starters, Brisket Egg Rolls, Wokker TX Ranger Fries and for mains Pork Belly Fried Rice and Vietnamese Shaken Beef. Here, there was no room to be disappointed as the food had such a great quality. The favorite was mutual: Pork Belly Fried Rice.

After lunch we went for a walk at Buffalo Bayou Park, a park with 124 acres and many places you should visit like the so famous bat colony bridge, where you can see 250,000 bats, normally on sunset, flying from under the bridge. You can watch this video and let me know if it isn’t amazing.

The park looked very different from what I’ve seen on the internet and that’s because Houston got severally hit by hurricane Harvey a few months ago. Many zones were closed but some green places had still survived.

The dinner was at Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant where you can customize your menu or you can go for one already designated and have a nice evening. The dinner is served in 4 stages: starter, salad, main and dessert and all of them are cooked on the table, except the salad. We chose loaded baked potatoes fondue for starters, caprese salad, “The Classic” for main, which consists in small portions of shrimp, herb crusted chicken, angus beef, teriyaki beef and dry rub pork and, for dessert, S’mores: melted chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers and brownies, blondies and fruit for dips. OMG! Once again, satisfaction level 1000.

The next day was NASA, I wait for you guys on the next post. – do your already follow on Instagram? come on, join my American adventures.

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