Downtown: The Alamo & The Riverwalk

Visiting the Alamo or going to the Riverwalk is mandatory if you’re in San Antonio.

The Alamo, built to be a fortress and now a museum, was founded in the 18th century by the Spanish for the education of American Indians after their conversion to Christianity but quickly became property of Mexico. The President General Antonio López de Santa Anna launched an attack on the Alamo, starting the conflicts between the United States and Mexico, killing all the texan defenders. Motivated by revenge, the texians defeated the Mexican Army, ending the Texas Revolution in 1836. (if you want to learn more, click here)

There’s no fee to visit the Alamo and you’d get to learn a bit more of the history of Texas.

The Riverwalk, as you can guess, is a pedestrian street where you can walk alongside the river, or take a boat tour, lined up by restaurants, bars and even a shopping center that gives you direct access to the river. This is the place where sights, sounds and flavors from the Wild West, Native America and Old Mexico blend into a modern city.

Downtown is full of great places to visit, from museums to restaurants and one of our favorite spots, the Pearl.

But what is the Pearl? Come back later for my next posts as I want to share with you this beautiful place.

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