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One of the first things I did when I received my EAD, was start looking for a job. This search was focused, mainly, in teller or lead teller positions as I’ve already had experience on the first one and I always wanted to be promoted to the second one.

I also applied for a few others positions as what I really wanted was to have a job – being at home for so long isn’t as awesome as so many people say it is.

Finally, I started getting emails and receiving calls to attend some interviews. I did one which I never got any feedback from, did two for two different banks and one for an IT company. The first one was for a bank that I’ve only had heard good things about it, either you are an employee or a customer, so I headed to that interview very happy.

A representative from HR interviewed me first and called me the next day to schedule a second interview with a manager.

Some days prior to the interview, I noticed there was a vacancy for Lead Teller so, when I was being interviewed by the manager, I told him I’d like to be considered for that position even though I had applied for Teller, to which he promptly replied “You are being considered to any positions”. I left with the offer for Lead Teller and ready for all the background checks – which were a pain in the a* since the company didn’t perform international background checks.

This means I had to get documents from my previous employers in the UK and a school diploma. The most difficult one was getting the diploma – thanks to the Portuguese public services.

In the meantime, while waiting, I did an interview for an IT company who contacted me later with an offer that the bank couldn’t compete with.

And now let me show you how ridiculous it is: most of the companies here in the states, don’t give out many holidays and only contribute with a small amount towards your health insurance – something very important to have since this isn’t free. The bank offered me 5 days off, yeah, you got that right, and I’d have to pay around $150 per pay check for my health insurance.

The IT company offered me 180h of holidays, a lot more, and I only pay $20 for my health insurance. And, for the first time in sooooooo many years, I have a monday to friday job.

You might be wondering why starting now on a whole new area but I can guarantee you that, apart from the obvious benefits, my objective is to learn a new role on this area – and I’m already doing it – and move quickly towards that.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to feel stagnated at work, no matter how comfortable the seat is, so this gives me an opportunity for a new career, rather than being waiting for promotions on a bank.

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