The weirdest interview ever

I applied for two different banks and already told you about my interview at the first one. I didn’t hear good or bad things about the second bank but, in general, people said it was a pleasant place to work.

So here I go to the weirdest interview of my life.

The place: well, let’s say it wasn’t the best looking place I’ve ever been and, after talking to the hubby about it, he mentioned it to his colleagues at work and he confirmed the place is a big NO-NO. Don’t worry people, I survived. Apparently, the bank is in a gang area where problems occur frequently so it’s best to avoid.

The people: they looked like they didn’t care – a nice way to say they smell – and they barely spoke english since that is the area of a big spanish community – said the manager later on the interview.

The employers: think of the most strange people you’ve seen, now put them all together in the same place. From the looks – jeans, motorbike jacket and high boots – to the girl from behind the teller line with flip flops.

The interview: the branch manager, the motorbike jacket lady and another one via phone interviewed me for about 1h – and I had already waited 1h for that interview. I was the only civilized person in that room. The office was disgusting, the motorbike jacket lady didn’t leave her 1l water cup a moment and the manager kept using his phone, making the process of the interview going far from smoothly.

I left feeling like “not working here, not even for a million dollars”.

From the beginning, there was a big lack of professionalism and the place.. well, you already know!

Funny part, I wasn’t selected for a Teller position at this bank, but was offered the Lead Teller position by the bank I talked to you about on this post.

A few days ago, I received an email from the recruiters saying to apply again – sure. It was worth for the experience and I could laugh a bit. I hope it isn’t a general company problem, but this one bank in particular.

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