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You’re probably tired of seeing this TAG everywhere but I was nominated by Sofia from Crónicas de Salto Alto – thank youuuuuuuu! – so I really wanted to participate.

What’s your favorite Xmas movies: I’m not really into these types of movies but I guess I have to say Home Alone as this is pretty much mandatory, everyone has watched it.

Where do you spend your Xmas: When I was younger I used to spend it with my family at my grandparents but since we moved countries, we just do something small just for us.

What’s your favorite Xmas song: “Baby it’s cold outside”, from all the thousands of Xmas songs, this one sticks pretty easily.

Do you open the presents on Xmas Eve: Yes, that’s what we have always done.

For which tradition can you not wait this Xmas: It is the first time I’m going to be celebrating Xmas a few hours after everyone else in Portugal, so that’s something fun.

Do you have a fake or a real Xmas tree: since the prices for fake trees are ridiculous, we decided to buy an real one. And they’re very pretty!

What’s your favorite Xmas food: Pão-de-ló and a nice cheese.

Be honest, do you prefer to give or receive presents: I prefer to give. Although I do like opening presents so I do like to receive too.

What’s the best gift you have ever received: whatever the hubby has given me. He is really good choosing presents and I never know what it’s going to be and I like it that way.

What is your dream place to visit for Xmas: I have spent numerous Xmas in Portugal, some in London and, for the first time, I’m gonna spend this in Texas so I can’t complain. I know the majority of you would say New York but let me tell you guys, snow is not that fun. It is pretty when it starts to snow but that’s basically just it.

Most memorable Xmas holidays: nothing in particular. My family never really cared for Xmas.

How did you learned about Santa Claus: I don’t even remember if I’ve ever believed in Santa.

Are you a pro wrapping up presents or a complete fail: I am a pro. I’ve always had some skills and I always give my best wrapping up the gifts.

I’m not going to nominate anyone as you have probably posted something similar but, if you’re there and still haven’t done something like this, just join us and participate!

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