I’ve tried the US Health System

All of us have already experienced a bad toothache – if you haven’t, you’re blessed. I haven’t had one in years and I really didn’t miss it, but the other night… Boy, didn’t one of those came visit strong. I kinda slept every 5-minute intervals the pain would go away and, in the morning, I decided I needed a dentist as the weekend and holiday was coming.

I started by checking the providers website and picked the ones with the best reviews. Called a few with no success but I’ve managed to get an appointment for the same day.

Once I arrived (in the shittiest part of town, apparently), I had to fill up a lot of paperwork as I was a new patient and then I was called. The doctor’s assistant took a few x-rays and then the dentist came to show me the results and what we could do. So the 4 teeth that I have had RCT done in Portugal, when I was a teenager, were all done wrong. I already knew one of them was a bad job when, because of a toothache in London, I had to see a dentist – portuguese, when possible I pick our professionals as they’re normally pretty good (not my original dentist, clearly) – and he showed me how the tooth wasn’t properly done.

The dentist said he could fix 2 cavities and do a deep cleaning but for the rest of the teeth I’d have to visit an endodontic. They sat with me to explain what I’d have to pay if I wanted to proceed and, by looking at the big list she was holding, I’d have to pay 263 dollars if I wanted to proceed. Uff! Not so bad. The health insurance paid 580 dollars, and, if I didn’t have insurance it would have been 2800 dollars!

In regards to the rest of the teeth, those will be very expensive, I’m sure.

The service was great, not only they did gave me a fairly decent dose of anesthesia – never had that in the UK – they even checked my blood pressure before starting. The doctor also mentioned to make sure I’d go there if I started to feel any pain on one of the tooth he fixed.

This was my first experience with dentists in the States. Stay stunned for the next chapters, endodontic here I go.

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