Buying medicine in the US

I’ve told you guys about my appointment at the dentist – you can check it here – and, as expected, they prescribed me Ibuprofen to take if I was in pain and an antibiotic. Never had I thought that going to the pharmacy would be such a challenge.

I’ve thought I’d get there, give them the prescription, pay it and bye-bye. No. There is a whole process around this that makes me laugh at this healthcare system.

I’ll walk you through it: you go to the pharmacy, you handle them the prescription and they ask you to come back a few minutes later while they “prepare” the medicine. Buying the ibuprofen was a drama since the dentist had written my surnames on the prescription and the lady at the pharmacy wasn’t too keen on giving me the ibuprofen 600mg because it didn’t match the ID card. Note: I can buy 3 boxes of ibuprofen 200mg from the grocery store. And then, when you’re ready to collect it, they treat you like you’re a drug addict “Have you ever had this before?” It’s Ibuprofen, not coke! The cost for the Ibuprofen with the prescription was $1.45.

The pharmacies offer a range of options to pick up a prescription. Prices offered vary depending on your insurer, the pharmacy itself and, obviously, there’s another option of price if you don’t have insurance. Speaking with some friends, it was amusing to learn that, sometimes, it’s cheaper without insurance. Everybody needs to make their payday right?

So fast forwarding, our prescription cards haven’t arrived for the year of 2018, which means we had to pay the full price without insurance. I was ready to go bankrupt upon knowing this, but the gentleman let me know it was $8.99 for the antibiotic at full price – even joked I was lucky because it’s the cheap stuff.

Both medicines come in a small container, like the ones we see in the movies and only the amount prescribed by the doctor. In case you decided to overdose on Ibuprofen.

As it’s widely known, in a private healthcare system (and with anything private), everything is done towards a profit and not towards the people per se.

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