Trip to Seattle – Day 1

We really like to do a city break on winter and we’ve already been to Prague, Amsterdam and Paris. Since now we’re living on this side of the globe, makes sense to go explore what the states have to offer so we decided that our first trip in the U.S. would be Seattle.

We left pretty early in the morning, 6h30, and arrived in Seattle almost at 9h – there’s a 2h difference from Texas to Seattle – the flight is about 4h.

As soon as we arrived, we decided to go visit the famous Pike Place Market so we took the train from the airport to Pioneer Square, the historic neighborhood of Seattle, and walked on these streets full of amazing little stores and places to have coffee – and warm up, as it’s cold outside. The ticket was $3 and it takes 20min.

One thing we spotted straight away was the amount of hills and how green everything looked like. In San Antonio it’s pretty rare to see a hill and the colors are more brown-y. The feeling of Seattle is the feeling of any big city where sky high buildings are everywhere and there’s a sense of a rush in the streets – although not chaotic like London, for example.


On the Pike Place Market we had a chance to see the stands full of fresh fish straight from the sea behind the market – pacific ocean! – antique stores, comics, fresh fruit, bakery, etc. Everything screamed fresh and was full of color.

Also in this area, you can find the oldest Starbucks ever. It’s been opened since 1971, on the Pike Place street, also known as the ‘Original Starbucks‘ and it’s definitely hard to not see it as there’s quite a few people outside taking photos – and we did the same ahahaha.

Still on the Pike Place Market, on an alley, there’s the famous Gum Wall. And yes, it’s just walls covered by gums. Who was the genius behind this idea? I don’t know but it’s definitely a place to stop by.

Lunch was on what would become my new addiction, Ramen. We took the bus towards Capitol Hill and in 20min we were at Ramen Danbo. These guys have 4,6 out of 5 stars on reviews and I couldn’t wait to try my first bowl of ramen. The waiter was great explaining what was on the menu, making it a lot easier for us. The service is very quick and in minutes I was enjoying my warm delicious bowl of ramen.

Next, we went to a cannabis shop – legal in Seattle. If you have ever been to Amsterdam and kind of know the type of stores, forget about it because here, they took it to another level. These stores are beautifully designed and they could be on a magazine. Upon entrance, they ask for your ID and from there you can see all the products they sell – from the typical joints to medicinal products like creams, lip balms and even chocolates and beverages – and also the plants being treated and the whole process behind. The service is great and I really like to see that some places have already accepted and understood that cannabis is not the same as cocaine. And this is the opinion of someone who doesn’t consume.

We were ready to go to our so much expected Airbnb, in West Seattle. This is a much quieter area but still beautiful and we were completely sold when we saw the photos when looking for a place to stay.

We were so tired that we decided to stay in the area and look for a place to eat somewhere close. Since napoletana pizza sounds always so good, we had dinner at Mioposto. I became a fan of this restaurant as soon as I read on the menu that their bread had been rising for hours, omg I had to try this. So we ordered, obviously, the bread, two pizzas and one of the best desserts we have ever had: Apple crostata. Pizza dough, filled with apple, sugar and cinnamon and a caramel sauce, topped with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was SO GOOD we don’t even have photos.

Back to our little house, fireplace on, time to enjoy some Netflix while resting for day 2 and get some sleep as we only had 2h of sleep the night before.

Stay stunned for the rest of the trip in Seattle!

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