Trip to Seattle – Day 2

Since the Space Needle was just a few minutes from there, we decided to go buy the City Pass and check if it was going to be possible to visit as, on their website, they said they’d be closed for a few days for some renovations. The lady on the reception confirmed they were closed but would be open on Friday so we could still visit.

The City Pass allows you to go visit the Space Needle (check on day 4), Seattle Aquarium (on day 3), Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour (on day 3), Museum of Pop Culture (on day 4) or Woodland Park Zoo and Chihuly Garden Glass or Pacific Science Center. It costs $79 but it’s worth it if you’re planning on visit these places, I’d recommend you to buy this.

The majority of these places are within walking distance and, since Chihuly Garden and Glass was right next door, we decided to go visit this museum where you can see Dale Chihuly‘s work. The details and the colors are superb and it’s all glass made. I’m not going to write too much about this place, just leave you with the photos so you can check it by yourself.


Next we went for a walk – another one. Is it just us or you guys also prefer, on city breaks, to just walk while exploring what the city has to offer instead of using the public transportation? We only used the bus twice and the train to come and go to the airport.

While walking, we spotted the Amazon domes – if you never heard of it, it’s like a mini rainforest, but just for employees.

Our feet and the weather were asking for a warm place to enjoy a nice warm drink and we found the perfect place while walking: the Macrina Bakery. We ordered two cappuccinos and some sweets as we needed to recharge the batteries and give our bodies some sugar – or this is just me experiencing another episode of gluttony. We enjoyed the comfy inside as we build up enough courage for some more cold.

The place for dinner was already decided so we headed to the Bottlehouse. This place was very well recommended for tapas and that was the type of food we were looking for, simple and in a relaxed environment.

This restaurant is actually a house – a typical american house – ant it is on a very quiet area. The feeling as you walk in couldn’t be more relaxed. Dim lighting, coming mostly from candles on the high tables, alongside bottles of wine everywhere. The menu is very simple and the most important menu item: bread.. hot bread. Baguette, cheeses picked according to the wine you’re having or to your preference, cured meats, light dishes and some desserts. The waitresses were really nice and very knowledgeable of the menu and the wines, they even tell you were the produce comes from. Very pleasant evening, I’d go back right now!

I’ve already told you my favourite dish is dessert, right? So, we couldn’t go home without dessert. But for this we stumbled upon a different place – one of those you find when you’re just walking. We read on a small window Molly Moon’s homemade ice cream and we had to go check it – which means having a big cup of ice cream with 3 different flavors because choosing is difficult and there’s decisions you shouldn’t have to make. We were glad we stopped there ’cause the damn ice cream was really good.

Having replenished (and maybe to a surplus?) all the calories we’ve spent during the day, we went to “our” tiny house enjoy the fireplace because it’s cold outside and there’s no such thing as fireplaces in San Antonio!

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