Trip to Seattle – Day 3

On our first day in Seattle, we found one of the best bakeries we have ever been to, Bakery Nouveau. We wanted to eat something and when we searched by “bakery” – one of my favorite words – Google suggested this one, what a good suggestion! It became a necessity to stop by a few more times and we chose this place for breakfast on day 3 and 4.

What surprised us the most was the quality of the puff pastry. It’s difficult to have a bad croissant but it’s even more difficult for a croissant to go straight to your top from the first bite. And we already had croissants in Paris! At Bakery Nouveau, everything we ordered was superb but the twice baked chocolate croissant is something out of this world. The puff pastry, the filling, the consistency of the dough that has been baked twice. Never have I had something similar to this and, if I lived in Seattle, this would be the place I’d go when I’m craving for something sweet.

With our belly full, we headed to Seattle waterfront where we were gonna go on the tour included on the Citypass, Argosy Harbor. We arrived a bit early so we decided to go to the Seattle Aquarium, also included on the Citypass, as it was only a few steps from there.


After the Aquarium, we took the boat tour around Seattle while a lady shared interesting facts about some points where we’re passing by and we get the opportunity to take really good photos of the city from the sea.

Next, we went for a hot drink while I was getting myself ready for the next stop: Sky Observatory Columbia Center. It’s 73 floors and a panoramic view of the city.

The price is $15 and you can go how many times you want on the same day and you pay once you’re on the 73º floor.

I’m not the biggest fan of heights but I decided to go; eitherway, I’d have to go to the Space Needle – 300ft less.

The views up there are really worth it – and it only takes a few seconds on the elevator – even for people like me who don’t even get close to the windows. We were so high that the clouds seemed to be only a few meters away. We sat there while the lights on the city were turning on as the sun went down.

We decided to get an Uber as it was raining a lot and it was the most dangerous trip ever. While the guy was driving like a maniac, I was just praying to get home safe! Mission accomplished, time to decide dinner.

It wasn’t difficult at all: Mioposto. The rain outside was a valid reason for comfort food and that delicious apple dessert needed to be tried again. Omg, and the bread, I’d live on this bread. And that apple dessert. I know, there’s plenty of apple desserts but only a few as good as this one. Bit of deja vu there?

Another mandatory stop if you’re planning on going to Seattle.

The rest you already know, fireplace while watching some series ’cause the day was long and this is the best after dinner.

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