Trip to Seattle – Day 4

On our last day in Seattle, we had to have breakfast at Bakery Nouveau, of course. It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat outside while enjoying that twice baked croissant and dreaming about a Bakery Nouveau in San Antonio.

From here, we headed to one of the many parks in Seattle you should visit: Kerry Park. It is from this park that many photos of the city are taken. A sign in the park, in Queen Anne, says it was offered by Mr and Mrs Albert to the city so that everyone could enjoy the marvellous views. And they are so beautiful.

The next stop was Space Needle, only a few steps from there. By “a few steps” I mean almost 20min, but it’s worth it. There were plenty of hills – I’ve already told you in San Antonio its something rare – and the weather was really good for a walk.

As I had already gone to the Sky View Observatory, going to the top of the Space Needle was easy-peasy. Well, not really. It was still scary but it’s only a 40 second trip and you just have to not look down if you don’t want to have a heart attack. This is the advice from someone that is scared of heights. If you’re just like the hubby, put yourself right in front of the elevator door – transparent – and enjoy the views. These are definitely beautiful once you’re up there.

We came down – my favorite part – and went to check the Museum of Pop Culture. Don’t judge by the name, it’s not just about pop but culture, music and films in general.

Both entries,  Space Needle and MoPop Museum are included on the CityPass.

By now, the breakfast had already been digested and we needed to recharge the batteries. So we decided to start walking. Where to? Ramen Danbo! It was our last day in Seattle and we became such fans of this place and the way they served us that we had to go back there.

On the way, we made a stop at the new Amazon Go Store to experience how it is to go inside a store and leave “without” paying. You just need to have the Amazon app, you enter the store by scanning a code, pick up whatever you want, leave and in a few minutes you’ll get an email in a form of a receipt. Impressive, right?

After having ramen, we just walked in the city while making hours for dinner and airport.

Speaking of dinner, we stayed within the same type of food: asian. In Chinatown there was a place with good reviews and we decided to go there and ordered a few light plates like dumplings, bao and steamed buns.

From there, we just had to cross the street and take the train to the airport. The flight went smooth and in 4 hours we were in Austin.

We were really happy to have chosen Seattle as our first trip outside Texas, and recommend not only to someone who’s never been but also for someone thinking about going back. Not only you can find delicious places to eat – Mioposto, Bakery Nouveau, Ramen Danbo – as well as visit such nice museums and places in this diverse city with so much to offer. Go visit Seattle!

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