Siberian Breed – Fun Facts

Since we have our cat that we have been learning a lot about this whole new personality that we have never seen before in a cat. As I mentioned in this post, I’m allergic to cats and I was almost giving up on the idea of having one when we decided to check if the siberian breed is hipoallergenic, as they say. It’s been 7 months and we couldn’t be happier with the fact that we can, finally, have a pet again.

And why didn’t you try a dog? Well, apparently I have develloped the same allergic reaction to dogs. That being said, the only solution was to try this breed as I’ve never heard of hipoallergenic dog breeds.

The funny part is that, actually, we do have a little bit of both at home. Vektor not only loves water, he plays fetch. And when I say that he loves water, I mean any place where’s water. I’m doing dishes, he comes to play with the water and tries to get into the sink. We leave the toilet seat open, he goes in there and plays with water. Then we have to bathe him, and he stays there, relaxed while enjoying his bath.

The best: he comes to meet us at the door everytime we arrive from work – unless he has chewed the TV cables because then he goes straight to hide in the restroom – and, sometimes, he comes to our lap and he stays there for hours while we watch our favorite series.

Isn’t he so cute? Not only he doesn’t make me sneeze like crazy but he also likes us to pet him – a lot – and makes us laugh with his funny moments.

Siberian’s personality:

  • Loves his family and following around the house.
  • Loves water and to play.
  • Likes people and will welcome you and your guest at the door.
  • Very active, will play with anything.
  • Likes to come to your lap and be given attention.

Having a pet is, definitely, good for your health – but might not be as good to your bank account! Siberians are not cheap and is very important you know you’re buying a pure breed.

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