Happy Easter

Easter is my favorite Holiday of the year and not for religious reasons – I don’t really care about that – but because of the delicious food we eat on this day. There’s no other Holiday where I enjoy food as much as I do on Easter. In Portugal we have the famous Pão-de-Lo de Ovar, which is a a mixture of eggs, sugar, flour and a lot of egg yolks baked for only a few minutes so the inside is very runny.. and delicious! This is my absolute favorite and it should always be on the table.

It’s our first Easter in the States so we don’t know what are the traditions here. I havent’t seen anything at the grocery store apart from the millions of chocolates on the shelves so I guess I’ll have to bake something and, most likely, will be pão-de-ló – it’s soooo good! You’re more than welcome to share your typical recipes for this day and your traditions!

Happy Easter!

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