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I’ve seen so many people using and saying good things about Prozis Oats+Whey that I’ve been trying to order it for months but I’ve always been lazy to do so. We use, at home, normal oats and then we add our favorite Quest, Banana&Cream which is great (like everything Quest) but having oats already mixed with protein is very convenient, plus the flavours they have sound amazing so I was really looking forward to order some stuff.

Yesterday was the day. I decided to go on the website, started adding products to the basket and then I went to checkout. Here’s where this whole story depression begins. Can you believe the shipping cost was $60? Way more expensive than the order itself. After a quick search, I realized Prozis is an European-based brand so it makes sense the amount of money you have to pay if you’re ordering from the United States. Now what?! Tell me how am I going to keep looking through all your blogs and Instagram posts with those delicious combos of oats and syrups without being able to buy them?! The sheer pain of going through the other options to find anything remotely similar will drive me mad!

I hope there’s something similiar here. If you know of any store (online or not) who sells this kind of product. please let me know. I’d really appreciate your help!

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