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Sunday is brunch day – it’s the day we don’t count calories, like I’ve told you guys in this post. Being kinda addicts to brunch, we often look for new places to try as we have already been to, probably, all of the good ones in San Antonio. That being said, a quick trip to Austin was the perfect excuse to go try Holy Roller.

I had checked a few places in Austin for brunch and Holy Roller menu looked great so we agreed this was the spot to try.

When we arrived, we were told the wait will be around 30 min, so we sat comfortably on the lounge area while reading the menu. I already knew I wanted to try their pancakes since the day I’ve seen the amazing photos on their website. I don’t know how you guys do, but I like to read the menu before I go to any new place. I just needed to decide if I was going sweet or salty and top the pancakes with fried chicken. As I tend to go sweet, I ordered the cookies&cream pancakes and the hubby ordered with bacon and eggs.

While we waited for the pancakes, we ordered the trash fries which are served with a fried egg, sour cream, corn, cotija cheese, green chillies, jalapeno, cilantro and lime. All these flavours worked really good together! It was the perfect starter. For drinks, we both had ‘Can I get an Amen?‘, made with Gin, Earl Grey, lemon and honey and served hot. It was soooo good!

The pancakes really delivered. Very light and fluffy, just the way they’re supposed to be. Still, I preferred the ones the hubby ordered as the sweet&salty combination is far more interesting to the palate. Mine were a bit too sweet, even for someone with a sweet tooth!

A funky-pop-rock decor with some funny religious details, Holy Roller is the perfect spot for a relaxed brunch any day of the week – yeah, that’s right, these guys serve brunch everyday! If you live in Austin or you’re planning to visit, go check it out!

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