California – Day 1

We flew from Austin Sunday morning and landed in San Francisco around 9am (in California it’s 2h behind). We had already rented a car – this was going to be a road trip, after all – and started thinking about breakfast.

After a few minutes searching, we decided to go try Zazie. Both of us were in the mood for some eggs benedict and those on the reviews looked great. I don’t remember how far it was from the airport, maybe 10-20min but I do remember how cold it was and how I was not expecting to be that cold: 58F! So that you guys have an idea, when we left from San Antonio, Texas, at 5 in the morning it was 90F. And I even wore a jacket because I already knew it was gonna be a bit colder but.. 58F? Brrrrr!

While we waited for a table at Zazie’s, which was about an hour, I had time to go change my shoes and go get a different jacket. I was so glad we still had everything with us in the car! In the meantime, we went for a walk and, something I can tell you straight away, San Francisco has some pretty damn hills! Omg, I wasn’t expecting roads like that. After you walk for a bit you’re already feeling warmer, which is good!


Back to Zazie’s, the wait was definitely worth it. I had the best tomatoes provencal ever. I didn’t even pay attention when I read the menu but was positively surprised by the way the tomatoes were cooked. We ordered two different dishes of eggs benedict and a plate of sour cream and poppy seed pancakes to share. Again, positively surprised by the pancakes – they were good without being too sweet, completely different from Snooze (those ones are more decadent, if you know what I mean).

Next, we did the check in at the hotel and, on our way there, and after a road rage incident between two random cars in front, we were a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of homeless people – this is always a big problem in big cities, isn’t it? After some laziness we decided to go check the so famous Golden Gate Bridge. We weren’t sure if this was going to be possible due to the weather – sometimes, the fog in San Francisco makes it impossible to view the bridge. I had read Baker’s Beach is a good place to check out the bridge but… no, the amount of fog didn’t allow that. Still, we walked on the beach and, even all closed up to the nose, it was great to feel the sand and the water on our feet – oh, I missed this!

Golden Gate Bridge, right there.

After that, we went check out the piers. We stopped at a museum full of old machines, arcade style, and spent a good hour or so playing on some of those machines – it was so much fun! It was possible to view Alcatraz from the pier so we took some photos as going there was not gonna happen – tickets were already sold out (months in advance). So, if you have a trip planed to California, make sure you buy the tickets, they are around $45, at least 90 days in advance if you really want to go see the famous American prison.

We walked to Pier 39 – mandatory, right? and indulged ourselves with some edible cookie dough. I don’t know about you but I think this is one of the best things ever!

Again, weather was a bit on the cold side for us – after living in Texas, eveything below 70F is cold – but it was a nice walk and good to see the ocean! (like cold, this is something you don’t see in Texas either!)

We had something simple and quick for dinner and went to sleep as we were already awake for quite a few hours.


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