California – Day 3


Today’s destination was Solvang but, as we still needed to check the Monterey area, we decided to stopped by Mundos Sandwich and Burger House, a very well reviewed location for its sandwiches, where they make all the menu items from scratch with every order!

We were now ready to start going down the coast, entering the historic 17 Mile Drive, and we were so excited to drive this route as there’s so many places to stop by: Spanish Bay, Point Joe, Bird Rock Vista Point, Carmel Beach, Rocky Creek Bridge, Bixby Creek Bridge, McWay Falls, the drive is quite long.

Here, check these beautiful photos.

The biggest adventure of this day was going up, literally, and down the mountain! It was 20 miles of super tight curves where one car could barely fit – AND THIS WAS A TWO-WAY ROAD! It was 1h30 of pure adrenaline and praying for no one to come driving from the opposite side.

After reaching out the bottom of the mountain thank God! we even had to drive through a military base as this was the only way to get to civilization. Ufff! Thanks to that mud slide to have closed down a big part of the 17 Mile Drive, you just made this driving experience more unique.

As we arrived later than expected, we just had something quick for dinner and rested. Still have a lot more miles to come, we aren’t even half way!


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