California – Day 4


Today we woke up even more excited… we were going to Vegas! Since Nevada State neighbors California, when we were planning the whole road trip, we checked where woud be the best place to travel to Las Vegas and decided to go from Solvang. We would go there for the day and stay for one night.

We had breakfast at the Bed & Breakfast place we stayed and then went to Solvang’s city center to see a little bit of this danish little village. Solvang, in Santa Barbara, was founded in 1911 by a colony of Danish people and it’s known as Danish Capital of America. Even if you have never been to Denmark, you can notice so many references of the country in the architecture of the houses and small shops. It’s such a pretty little village.

las vegas

From here, we headed to Vegasoh yeeeeeah!

As you can see in the photos, the views change a lot. The more you drive, the more desert-like type it is. If you have watched those typical american movies where you see someone driving in the middle of nowhere, that’s how I would describe the drive up there.

las vegas

A few hours later, we were in Vegas!

We checked in in the most amazing hotel – Vdara – and wished we could stay here for the rest of the week! For only $110/night (this is very affordable for american standards) this was better than any other place we stayed, specially if we compare the one in San Francisco ($160/night). Not only the space was so stylish and modern , it was connected to other hotels via tram and was within walking distance to the Strip – that big avenue always on movies, series, etc.

We decided to go for a little walk as, like I said, we were a few steps away from the Strip. This little walk, with 110F and desert-like weather was harder than expected! Every single bit of shadow was a blessing and even the shopping center helped refreshing us for a little bit before getting back to the hotel.

Las Vegas is known for parties, casinos, events and everything else you can imagine. It’s almost 4 miles of hotels, casinos and huge buildings… there’s a replic of the Eiffel Tower, the Liberty Statue, the Fontana di Trevi, etc. There’s so much to do and so much to see! Funny enough, although not planned, we get to spen the 4th of July in Vegas and I can’t think of a better place to celebrate this big Holiday, right?

We had dinner at Gordon’s Ramsay Burger and were positively surprised as, even though is a big chef, the prices were super fair and the burgers very tasty. As Gordon’s restaurant is in the middle of the Strip, we went for another walk to see everyhting with the lights on and the so famous fountain show of the Bellagio hotel – where Ocean’s Eleven was filmed.

Here’s a professional video from Youtube:

After a delicious dinner and a nice long walk, we got some rest and tomorrow we would be driving 4/5 hours to Los Angeles.

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