California – Day 5 and 6

After a much need night of sleep, we were thinking of going to the Grand Canyon or to the Death Valley but quickly realized we wouldn’t have enought time to fully check those places. That being said, we decided to head back to California, to Los Angeles.

The drive, like I said on the previous post, is about 4-5 hours dependind on traffic (we were lucky on this) and depending on the stops you want to make. Although you might think it’s mostly desert and not worth stopping, you’d be surprised with such nice places between these two cities. From the Seven Mountains to the small Baker village – kinda lost in the middle of the desert – the drive on the famous Route 66mandatory – or a quick visit to the Bottle Tree Forest, there’s something for everyone if you’re willing to stop.

We didn’t stop on the first two I mentioned but we decided to go check the Bottle Tree Forest and, of course, Route 66.

As soon as we reached L.A., we dropped the bags at the Airbnb place and off to Santa Monica!

To see the Pier and the huge beach with so many people exercising was like being on a scene from one of those american TV series. More american than that, only the famous Muscle Beach on the so famous Venice BeachCalifornication, anyone? It was in this area we walked for a bit after dinner and were a bit disapointed with the amount of gargabe on the floor and the homeless people. No doubt Santa Monica was a better option to start with. So much that’s where we decided to go next day to sunbathe.

We had breakfast near the beach, in Santa Monica, and after a quick walk – omg the avenues, the trees, the houses… beautiful! We went to the beach and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, just enjoyed the weather and the temperature of the water! The only difficulty was, for sure, to get out of the water! On a quick note: we are from the north of Portugal, let me just say that.

And, shame on you if you think spending the day at the beach is easy-peasy. No, it’s not. It’s almost like 2 hours of working out! After this we just needed a nice shower and some good place to have dinner. Funny enough, the place we went to, was literally 2min walking from Venice Beach so that gave us a chance to see a different side of it and we were so much more impressed this time. There was a lot of food trucks on the street, noise, music and a lot of people cycling or skating, all super tanned and healthy… and we ready to overeat italian food and ice cream!

Now, let’s get some rest. Tomorrow I’ll take you to the center of Los Angeles.

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