California – Day 7 and 8

Saturday morning we had brunch at the Perch – a fabulous rooftop on the 16th floor of a building right in the middle of Los Angeles with amazing city views. We ordered the assorted, made in house, breads and mini pastries, a pitcher of sangria and eggs benedict – that’s how a perfect morning should start! The prices were very friendly, especially considering where we were. Same goes for the service, 5 starts, and the food: super fresh, good quality ingredients. Oh California has amazing produce! We definitely recommend this place and would be very happy to return.


After this very relaxed delicious brunch, it was time to head over to the touristy L.A. spots.

The expectations were not high and we didn’t want to spend too much time here. Let’s be honest, with such amazing beaches, who wants to be bumped into by tourists looking for their favorite star on the Walk Of Fame? Not us, that’s for sure. That being said, we quickly looked for a place where it was possible to see the famous Hollywood sign and then walked for a bit on the Walk of Fame. There are many places where you can see the Hollywood sign from but, unless you wanna – literally – climb to the top of the mountain, you’ll see it from very far away and hope to get a decent photo while 1001 tourist are trying to do the same. So we did this as quick as possible – you can see the quality of the photo – and walked down the stairs to go have a look at some stars. From the street vendors, to the tourists, to the high temperatures – 100F + – unless you’re really into this stuff, you will just roam around for a bit and off you go.

Fun Fact: did you know that if a celebrity gets picked to have their name on the Walk of Fame, they have to pay around 30,000 dollars for the privilege?

L.A. is very touristy and this is, definitely, not our type of city – living 5 years in London was enough. I’m pretty sure going to do the studios tours should be super cool but that requires the time and willingness. For someone who started in San Francisco and has already done so many miles, we just wanted to take advantage of the amazing beaches. And that’s what we did next: Laguna Beach.

We spent the afternoon there and then it was time to drive again, now to San Diego – which became our favorite place (spoiler alert). The Airbnb lady was waiting for us and she had so many good recommendations on the area that we decided to go try Cucina Sorella. So, I never thought I’d say this about a salad, but… I had the best salad, ever! I got to try fennel and sheep’s yogurt and I’m already salivating as I write this. What a good salad! For starters we had pasta, of course, and we were not disappointed! As the restaurant, and pretty much everyhting, was 5min away from our Airbnb, we walked for a bit in the area and, quickly, were in love with this little village, Kensignton. The places looked so pretty, there was silence in the street, we would move here… but then we checked the rent prices. Yeah, California is not known for its affordable prices. Let’s just say that.

Well, now let’s get some sleep and tomorrow we get to visit a bit more of San Diego. And my favorite beach!

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