California – Day 9

The last day in San Diego had to start with brunch, of course! We went to Broken Yolk and then straight to La Jolla, a very popular neighborhood, to enjoy a little bit of San Diego’s beaches. Let me just say: I wish I had another week here! La Jolla was amazing and the best beach I’ve ever been to! Even though the Greek beaches are amazing, this one wins for its warm waters! We spent a few hours sunbathing and enjoying the nice water and then we went for quick drive around San Diego.

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California – Day 4


Today we woke up even more excited… we were going to Vegas! Since Nevada State neighbors California, when we were planning the whole road trip, we checked where woud be the best place to travel to Las Vegas and decided to go from Solvang. We would go there for the day and stay for one night.

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California – Day 2


After a good night sleep, we left the hotel hopping to, finally, see the Golden Gate Bridge. Since we were only a few minutes away from Lombard St – known as the crookedest street in the world – we headed there first to check it out. This place is so touristy, around 2 million visitors/year (!), and we confirmed how busy it is even before reaching out there. Although it’s known as the crookedest street in the world, this street is actually the 2nd one on the list, where the first one is also a street in San Francisco.

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BRUNCH | Holy Roller

Sunday is brunch day – it’s the day we don’t count calories, like I’ve told you guys in this post. Being kinda addicts to brunch, we often look for new places to try as we have already been to, probably, all of the good ones in San Antonio. That being said, a quick trip to Austin was the perfect excuse to go try Holy Roller.

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Prozis – Orders

I’ve seen so many people using and saying good things about Prozis Oats+Whey that I’ve been trying to order it for months but I’ve always been lazy to do so. We use, at home, normal oats and then we add our favorite Quest, Banana&Cream which is great (like everything Quest) but having oats already mixed with protein is very convenient, plus the flavours they have sound amazing so I was really looking forward to order some stuff.

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Happy Easter

Easter is my favorite Holiday of the year and not for religious reasons – I don’t really care about that – but because of the delicious food we eat on this day. There’s no other Holiday where I enjoy food as much as I do on Easter. In Portugal we have the famous Pão-de-Lo de Ovar, which is a a mixture of eggs, sugar, flour and a lot of egg yolks baked for only a few minutes so the inside is very runny.. and delicious! This is my absolute favorite and it should always be on the table.

It’s our first Easter in the States so we don’t know what are the traditions here. I havent’t seen anything at the grocery store apart from the millions of chocolates on the shelves so I guess I’ll have to bake something and, most likely, will be pão-de-ló – it’s soooo good! You’re more than welcome to share your typical recipes for this day and your traditions!

Happy Easter!

And follow my adventures on this side of the globe on Instagram!

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Trip to Seattle – Day 4

On our last day in Seattle, we had to have breakfast at Bakery Nouveau, of course. It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat outside while enjoying that twice baked croissant and dreaming about a Bakery Nouveau in San Antonio.

From here, we headed to one of the many parks in Seattle you should visit: Kerry Park. It is from this park that many photos of the city are taken. A sign in the park, in Queen Anne, says it was offered by Mr and Mrs Albert to the city so that everyone could enjoy the marvellous views. And they are so beautiful.

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Trip to Seattle – Day 3

On our first day in Seattle, we found one of the best bakeries we have ever been to, Bakery Nouveau. We wanted to eat something and when we searched by “bakery” – one of my favorite words – Google suggested this one, what a good suggestion! It became a necessity to stop by a few more times and we chose this place for breakfast on day 3 and 4.

What surprised us the most was the quality of the puff pastry. It’s difficult to have a bad croissant but it’s even more difficult for a croissant to go straight to your top from the first bite. And we already had croissants in Paris! At Bakery Nouveau, everything we ordered was superb but the twice baked chocolate croissant is something out of this world. The puff pastry, the filling, the consistency of the dough that has been baked twice. Never have I had something similar to this and, if I lived in Seattle, this would be the place I’d go when I’m craving for something sweet.

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Trip to Seattle – Day 2

Since the Space Needle was just a few minutes from there, we decided to go buy the City Pass and check if it was going to be possible to visit as, on their website, they said they’d be closed for a few days for some renovations. The lady on the reception confirmed they were closed but would be open on Friday so we could still visit.

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Trip to Seattle – Day 1

We really like to do a city break on winter and we’ve already been to Prague, Amsterdam and Paris. Since now we’re living on this side of the globe, makes sense to go explore what the states have to offer so we decided that our first trip in the U.S. would be Seattle.

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