Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

Following a diet or starting a new healthy lifestyle isn’t difficult and the advantages are countless. No matter what, there’s always people who don’t even try and the ones who give up as soon as there’s a donut in front of them. You’re willingness has to be bigger than the amount of calories on that pastry. It’s the only way for your success, whatever your goal might be.

And sometimes you’re gonna crave something sweet – or salty – so instead of going shopping for crap, buy some real ingredients and make your own healthy recipes where you can control not only the amounts but also the quality of the ingredients. That’s how I decided to make these healthy peanut butter cookies.

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Banana & Peanut Butter Muffins

On my previous post, I shared with you guys a recipe for those moments where we’re craving for something sweet but still want to keep up with the diet – or the healthy lifestyle. Since then, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on that recipe in order to transform it into something even healthier. I didn’t use Swerve (or Stevia) and replaced a significant amount of whole wheat flour for protein powder.

And here they are, banana and peanut butter muffins.

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Banana & Greek Yogurt Muffins

It’s pretty much everyone’s goal to start a new healthy lifestyle, the problem is not everyone can stick to a new routine and easily give up.

For you reading who fits into this category or for you guys already following a healthier lifestyle – and because I wanted something sweet without the kilos of sugar and fat – I made these muffins with simple ingredients with no added sugar or fat. Because being on “a diet” isn’t difficult, you just need to pick simple and nutritious ingredients.

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Buying medicine in the US

I’ve told you guys about my appointment at the dentist – you can check it here – and, as expected, they prescribed me Ibuprofen to take if I was in pain and an antibiotic. Never had I thought that going to the pharmacy would be such a challenge.

I’ve thought I’d get there, give them the prescription, pay it and bye-bye. No. There is a whole process around this that makes me laugh at this healthcare system.

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I’ve tried the US Health System

All of us have already experienced a bad toothache – if you haven’t, you’re blessed. I haven’t had one in years and I really didn’t miss it, but the other night… Boy, didn’t one of those came visit strong. I kinda slept every 5-minute intervals the pain would go away and, in the morning, I decided I needed a dentist as the weekend and holiday was coming.

I started by checking the providers website and picked the ones with the best reviews. Called a few with no success but I’ve managed to get an appointment for the same day.

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The weirdest interview ever

I applied for two different banks and already told you about my interview at the first one. I didn’t hear good or bad things about the second bank but, in general, people said it was a pleasant place to work.

So here I go to the weirdest interview of my life.

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Job Interviews

One of the first things I did when I received my EAD, was start looking for a job. This search was focused, mainly, in teller or lead teller positions as I’ve already had experience on the first one and I always wanted to be promoted to the second one.

I also applied for a few others positions as what I really wanted was to have a job – being at home for so long isn’t as awesome as so many people say it is.

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Gob a job!

So that you understand my previous employment situation, I was working at a bank and that’s what I was looking forward to do here so my job search was focused mostly on this area and I also did some random job applications as what I really wanted was a job. I tried some banks, I was selected, I did go to interviews and I got the job.. But then an IT company called me with a much better offer, which I accepted immediately.

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Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. It’s our first time celebrating this Holiday and, although it doesn’t really mean anything to us, it’s nice to see how people celebrate this day – so many times represented in the movies.

The grocery shoppings are packed with pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies and.. people, a lot of people. Many would take advantage of these days and book days off so you can also expect some traffic.

You probably imagine this day as a cold day, with people dressed up with layers of warm clothes. Not in Texas. The temperature here is pretty good and, although these traditions are perfect on cold days, any day is good to binge on amazing food, isn’t that right?

Happy Thanksgiving! – I’ve already heard it 1000 times

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